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Aging Well; Examining Health of Those on Their Way to Becoming Centenarians

Hiram-Beltran-Sanchez-pic1Former Harvard Pop Center Bell Fellow Hiram Beltran-Sanchez, PhD, has co-authored a study that examines the long-term trajectories of disease, disability and cognitive functioning among potential centenarians, finding that those who lived to 100 had experienced overall better health along their journey to the century mark than the non-surviving members of their cohort, with about 25% with no chronic illness, 20% with no disability, and over 50% with no cognitive impairment.

Balanced Research Approach Called For to Explain Declining Life Expectancy of Low-Educated Women

montezFormer Harvard RWJF Scholar Jennifer Karas Montez, PhD, and a colleague have written an editorial, published in the American Journal of Public Health, that challenges researchers to apply a balanced approach, incorporating two criteria, to better understand a complex dilemma: why is life expectancy declining among low-income women?

The protective effect of education for cohorts graduating in bad times

educationTiming is everything. A study by David Cutler confirms that graduates who enter the labor market during bad economic times experience lower income, lower life satisfaction, greater obesity, more smoking and drinking later in life. The study also noted that education plays a protective role for these outcomes, as educated individuals, even when entering the market at times of high unemployment, have a much lower incidence of these outcomes than their uneducated counterparts. The study was published in Social Science and Medicine. 

Health Impact Assessment Impacts Proposed Changes in MBTA Fares and Service

Arcaya_Mariana_310 x 440Pop Center Yerby Fellow Mariana Arcaya, ScD  has co-authored a study that shares the results of a health impact assessment (HIA) that influenced the MBTA to make more modest fare increases and service cuts.

Pop Center-affiliated Researchers Weigh In on Potential Benefits of Calorie Labeling in Restaurants

Fried CalamariPop Center RWJF Scholar Christina Roberto, PhD, and affiliated faculty member Jason Block, MD, have co-authored a Viewpoint published in JAMA in which they discuss the reasons why many public health advocates support menu labeling.