Pop Center Seminars

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Our Monday afternoon “Pop Center Seminars” cover the most recent and innovative research being conducted in population sciences.

Researchers and faculty members can arrange one-on-one meetings with our speakers (based on the speaker’s availability). If interested, contact Kayla Rachlin Small.

Spring 2015 Seminars

April 27 –Postpartum Protection from Pregnancy: Evidence from Developing Countries,” Iqbal Shah, Principal Research Scientist, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
In this talk, Dr. Iqbal Shah will discuss unmet need for family planning in developing countries, with an emphasis on family planning in the postpartum period. Dr. Shah will cover the definition and measurement of unmet need, the particularities of this need during the postpartum period, and the role of breastfeeding as a factor in postpartum contraceptive use.

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