Pop Center Seminars

Krieger Book Signing

Through our Monday afternoon “Pop Center Seminars,” the Center disseminates to the Harvard community and beyond the most recent and innovative research being conducted in population sciences.


Fall 2014 Seminars

September 29Title TBD
Presented by Jim Smith, Distinguished Chair in Labor Markets and Demographic Studies, RAND Corporation

October 20 – Title TBD
Presented by Pamela Herd, Associate Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology, LaFollette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

November 17 – Title TBD
Presented by David Lam, Research Professor, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

December 8 – Title TBD
Presented by Janina Galler, Senior Scientist at the Judge Baker Children’s Center and Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

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