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What is driving the growing geographical inequalities in suicide in Japan?

Pop Center faculty members Ichiro Kawachi, MD, Ph.D., and SV Subramanian , Ph.D., are co-authors on a study that examines this question in a paper titled “Prefecture-level economic conditions and risk of suicide in Japan: a repeated cross-sectional analysis 1975–2010″ which has been published in the European Journal of Public Health.

Low birth weight not associated with poor health outcomes among young adults in Brazil

Although a growing literature suggests that low birth weight increases the risk of poor health outcomes in adulthood, a new study co-authored by Pop Center faculty members SV Subramanian and Gunther Fink has found evidence to the contrary. Their findings, published in PLoS One, reveal that low birth weight did not result in poor health outcomes among young adults in Brazil. The researchers hope to expand upon on these findings by conducting further studies using larger samples and longer follow-ups.

RWJF Scholar Christina Roberto co-authors study on impact of ‘food addiction’ on food policy

Pop Center RWJF Health & Society Scholar Christina Roberto, PhD, has co-authored a recently published paper titled “The Impact of ‘Food Addiction’ on Food Policy” that examines how lessons learned from alcohol and tobacco addiction could inform protective policies relating to unhealthy food.

Thurston’s findings stress importance of targeting economically disadvantaged women in fight against heart disease

Rebecca Thurston, former RWJF scholar at the Pop Center, has co-authored a study recently published in Stroke, a journal of the American Heart Association, on the link between consistently low socioeconomic status in midlife and heart disease later in life.

Gillman co-authors study revealing young adults to be less aware of having hypertension

HSPH and Pop Center faculty member Mathew Gillman, M.D., co-authors study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that finds young adults to be less aware that they suffer from hypertension, and therefore, less likely to receive treatment.

Glymour co-authors paper on role of early-life educational quality & literacy in racial disparities in cognition in late life

Pop Center faculty member Maria Glymour co-authored a paper titled “The Role of Early-Life Educational Quality and Literacy in Explaining Racial Disparities in Cognition in Late Life” published in the Journals of Gerontology.

HSPH & Pop Center faculty co-author paper on income inequality and sexually transmitted infections in the US

HSPH and Pop Center faculty members SV Subramanian, Till Bärnighausen, and
Ichiro Kawachi  have co-authored a recently published paper on a novel framework for evaluating the relationship between income inequality and sexually transmitted infections in the United States.

Papachristos’ Study on Key Role of Networks in Gun Violence featured in Yale Daily News

A recent article in the Yale Daily News highlights the findings of a study co-authored by Andrew Papachristos, PhD, a scholar in the RWJF Health & Society Scholars Program at the Pop Center from 2010-2012, which reveals that networks play a key role in gun violence and how this insight could lead to improved gun violence prevention programs.

Jason Block and Christina Roberto speak about changes in nutrition labeling

The FDA’s announcement that it planned to update nutrition labels got a lot of press last week, with many popular media outlets reaching out to experts for comment. The Pop Center’s own Jason Block and Christina Roberto were quoted in a LiveScience article that discussed the proposed changes. Block is the Associate Director of the Obesity Prevention Program in the Department of Population Medicine at HSPH, and Roberto is a RWJF Health and Society Scholar who has published and spoken extensively on the power of food labeling.