RC Services

We are a team of specialists that can assist you with the mechanics of your research projects. Rather than flying solo with your research agenda, if you engage with us you will have the support of the full team as well as the infrastructure of the Pop Center more broadly.

Grant Preparation:

Grants originating at the Pop Center will be supported in full with the mobilization of Research Core staff.  We will also help you find additional grant opportunities (through NIH, NSF, Foundations, and private donors). Utilizing our team for grant preparation often leads to the team’s involvement in carrying out the project as well. With this in mind, we suggest that faculty and fellows write relevant Research Core members into their grants to buy part of their time over the life of the project.

Additionally, Harvard University and the Harvard School of Public Health, in particular, offer a wide range of services to assist you in the preparation of grant applications. We work closely with existing units around the university to use their services. In addition, the Research Core can help you with templates, biosketch preparation, references, editing, submission and revision. We will also assist you with the preparation of your research plan and help with preliminary analyses that you may need as part of the application.

Project Execution:

As a group, we can help you manage your research project from beginnings of data collection and field management, through management of the collected data, to the creation of analytic data sets, statistical analysis, and publication of results. We can help acquire pre-existing data sets, including providing support for the application process, assisting you in meeting all security requirements, and managing the data acquired. In addition, we can provide support to users of datasets, helping them navigate through documentation and data structures to create an analytic data set. The principal analysts work collaboratively with faculty and fellows on statistical analysis and follow through to publication.

Field Management:

Our team has decades of experience in implementing field activities for data collection, including development and design of data collection forms, creation of field manuals and field quality control procedures, implementing a variety of data capture methodologies, and developing and performing quality control checks on collected data.

Data set preparation and management:

Research core staff will collaborate with you in arranging data acquisition, data download, data cleaning, multiple data set harmonization, variable recoding, updating datasets, preparation of analytic data sets, documentation and codebooks.

We currently manage the following data sets: Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), Health and Retirement Surveys (HRS -plus all the sister surveys: SHARE, ELSA, CHARLS, LASI, KLoSA, JSTAR), Global Census Data, Eurostat, Gallup, INDEPTH.

We host the data sets on the Harvard-MIT Data Center Research Computing Environment (RCE) for you to access. We can help you with data set access, IRB applications for projects using these data, and data security compliance.


SAS, STATA, R, ArcGIS, MLwiN, LISREL, Mplus – within our team we have highly skilled analysts with many years of training beyond their respective PhDs who can assist you with your research agendas. These analysts can work independently and provide you with timely completion of analysis. We also have team members at the Undergraduate and Masters level that can provide you with data analysis and mapping with more direct supervision and guidance.

We specialize in a range of analytical techniques including OLS, Logit, Probit, Poisson, IV, Diff-in-Diff, spatial, longitudinal analysis, multi-level models, structural equation models, and of course the slew of descriptive analytical techniques including mapping.


Analysts work closely with you on higher level research methodologies, and we encourage the faculty and fellows interacting with the Research Core members to consider them as co-authors and not just research assistants.


Research core staff can assist you in ensuring that your project meets all data security, IRB, confidentiality requirements.