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DHS Working Group Meetings

The DHS group at the Pop Center hosts monthly meetings to discuss current ongoing projects that use the Demographic and Health Surveys data. This meeting includes a methodological talk about analytical approaches to the DHS data, as well as a discussion among the group about recently encountered challenges and research questions.

Updated meetings are as scheduled:

Friday, November 30, 2012, from 2:00-3:00 pm at the Pop Center, 9 Bow St in Harvard Square.  Dana Thomson and Sidney Atwood of the Global Health Research Core at HMS will present and demonstrate two free, publicly available tools for estimating child-mortality rates from DHS data, and how to use child-mortality rates in global health research and evaluation:

1.Child mortality calculator: This SAS-based program calculates neonatal, post-neonatal, infant, child, and under-five child mortality estimates and standard errors for any dataset of birth histories, including DHS data. The user can also estimate child mortality in any sub-population or sub-geographic region based on 5 or 10 years of birth histories.

2.Under-five mortality sample size calculator: This stand-alone application calculates the minimum sample size(s) needed to detect a difference-in-differences in under-five mortality across household sample surveys at 2 time points in 2 populations. This tool is utilized by researchers who use DHS data to evaluate population-level impacts of complex health-systems interventions. A strength of the tool is it solves the conundrum that sample size must be known to estimate standard errors, and standard errors are needed to calculate minimum sample size requirements. The tool is adaptable to multiple study scenarios where none or some survey data have already been collected.

For more information, visit the Research Core for more details or contact Jocelyn Finlay at jfinlay@hsph.harvard.edu.