Setting up your iPad

Setting up your iPad to connect to your OFFICE PC.

  1. Download the app “Any Connect” developed by Cisco
    1. To set up the connection to your HCPDS PC

i.     Add VPN connection

ii.     Description is any name you want to give the computer you are connecting to.

iii.     Server address:

  1. Each time you want to use your iPad to connect to your HCPDS PC

i.     Turn “on” the AnyConnect VPN (status should switch to “Connected” and the letters “VPN” will appear in the top left of the iPad screen)

  1. Download the app RDP Remote Desktop Protocol from Microsoft
    1. Go to “Menu” (top left)  -> “Add another server”
    2. Click on “New” to configure the new connection

i.     “PC Address”: enter the IP address of your OFFICE computer

ii.     “Name”: enter a memorable name for this connection, such as “Bow St Office”

iii.     Click the “Configure” back arrow to return to the Menu

  1. Click “Menu” -> “Connect” & select the connection that you just configured.  This will shortly take you to the Novell login screen on your OFFICE computer.

Connecting from your iPad

  1. Go to Cisco Any Connect and turn ON the VPN. VPN will appear in the top left corner of the iPad. Enter your HSPH password, and click accept.
  2. Go to RDP and click connect. You should be taken directly to your “office” desktop, to your login page.
  3. Disconnect from both the RDP and VPN once your session is over.  Leaving the VPN connection open will drain your iPad’s battery unnecessarily.