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David Cutler publishes JAMA piece on Affordable Care

cutlerDavid Cutler’s article “From the Affordable Care Act to Affordable Care,” was recently published as a “Viewpoint” feature in JAMA. Cutler argued that future health policies must focus on slowing the increase in health costs and on improving the practice environment for physicians.

The protective effect of education for cohorts graduating in bad times

educationTiming is everything. A study by David Cutler confirms that graduates who enter the labor market during bad economic times experience lower income, lower life satisfaction, greater obesity, more smoking and drinking later in life. The study also noted that education plays a protective role for these outcomes, as educated individuals, even when entering the market at times of high unemployment, have a much lower incidence of these outcomes than their uneducated counterparts. The study was published in Social Science and Medicine. 

David Cutler’s Earlier Optimism on Increasing Efficiency of Healthcare System May Have Been Right, say New Republic

Harvard Pop Center affiliated faculty member David Cutler is referenced in this article in New Republic on some recently released statistics on healthcare spending, indicating that the healthcare system may be becoming more efficient and services more widely utilized.