1. Prepare a Bell Fellow research work plan

Each Bell Fellow is expected to develop and carry out a work plan for his/her fellowship. This will serve as the blueprint for achieving the goals set forth in the fellowship. The development of the plan should be done with input from the Center director and mentors.

In addition, long-term career goals should be discussed with an eye toward how the Bell Fellowship fits into these.

2. Present a Work-in-Progress session during the Center’s Friday Lunch Seminar Series

Each fellow is expected to give a presentation during one or more Work-in-Progress sessions at the Pop Center during their tenure at Harvard.

3. During the academic year, each Fellow is expected to attend most Monday Pop Center seminars and most Thursday RWJF Health & Society Scholars seminars.

4. Attend monthly meetings for the fellows hosted by Lisa Berkman and other faculty. This is an opportunity for everyone to share updates on their research, discuss relevant papers, explore career opportunities and prepare for major annual meetings and conferences (e.g. PAA).

5. Participate as much as possible in Center activities