BULGARIA.  Resolution No. 144 of 29 July 1994 amending the Regulations for the implementation of the Law on public health, promulgated by Resolution No. 23 of 1974 of the Council of Ministers.  (Durzaven vestnik, No. 65, 12 August 1994, pp. 1-14, as translated in International Digest of Health Legislation, Vol. 46, No. 2, 1995, pp. 147-150.)


The following are among the principal amendments introduced by this Resolution to the Regulations promulgated by Resolution No. 23 of 23 March 1974, as amended.


Chapter I.    Basic provisions and organizational principles (Secs. 1-9)


The conditions for the dispensing of free medical care, as referred to in Sec. 1 of the Regulations (which now comprises five subsections), are redefined.  It is laid down, in particular, that compulsory vaccinations performed on pupils, students, or minors are free of charge, as are abortions for persons in these groups.


* * *


Chapter IV.   Special rules governing the provision of medical care (Secs 52-112)


* * *


Division II.    Compulsory treatment (Secs. 53-73).


* * *


Sec. 53a reads as follows:


"53a.   (1)     Persons suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) shall undergo compulsory treatment in an infectious diseases clinic or a department for the treatment of infectious diseases, following an order by the medical director of the appropriate health establishment.


(2)   Persons suffering from AIDS or who are carriers of HIV and present somatic disorders shall be treated in care establishments, according to the type of somatic disorder concerned.  Women suffering from AIDS or who are carriers of HIV and are preparing to give birth, receive gynaecological treatment, or undergo an abortion, shall receive care in an obstetrical/gynaecological department of a health establishment.


(3)   Healthy HIV carriers shall undergo medical observation provided by a dermato-venereology department, persons suffering from AIDS or associated disorders [(ARC)] being required to undergo observation in infectious diseases clinics or departments for the treatment of infectious diseases in a health establishment.


(4)   Healthy HIV carriers and persons suffering from AIDS shall be informed by the physician responsible for their medical examination of their duty to comply with the recommendations issued by health agencies, with a view to preventing HIV transmission to their associates and other persons."


In Secs. 57, 60, and 61, the term "venereal diseases" is replaced by "syphilis and gonococcal infections."  In Sec. 59, "gonorrhoea" is replaced by "gonococcal infection."


* * *


Chapter VI.   Protection of the health of pregnant women, mothers, and children (Secs. 124-131)


Sec. 131 is repealed (this Section authorized the setting up of counters for the sale of powdered milk, meal, and prepared infant foods in dietetic kitchens and outpatient clinics for children).


* * *