OMAN. Ministerial Resolution No. 1 of 19 January 1990 of the Ministry of Health on the National Programme for the Prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). (International Digest of Health Legislation, Vol. 43, No. 1, 1992, pp. 37-8.)


Sec. 1 of this Resolution, which has been made by the Minister of Health, lays down that AIDS is to be considered as a communicable disease to be inserted in Part 1 of the List of Communicable Diseases appended to Law No. 8 of 1973 on communicable diseases. All cases of AIDS are to be reported within 24 hours, as specified in the relevant provisions of that Law. Sec. 2 (Preventive measures to be taken against AIDS) reads as follows:

"2. (1) All blood donors shall be required to undergo laboratory testing to ensure that they are free of HIV infection.

(2) No blood or any blood derivatives shall be imported from abroad without the permission and supervision of the Ministry of Health, it being a condition that the imported quantities are subjected to compulsory testing to ensure that they are free of HIV infection. The imported quantities must be certified free of HIV infection in the country of origin.

(3) No transplantation of any organ or tissue may be permitted before the necessary tests are made to ensure that they are free of HIV infection. In the event that organs and tissues are to be imported, their donors must be examined and given certificates in the countries of origin, ascertaining that they are free of HIV infection. Such measures are not to conflict with any of the [other] examinations or tests required.

(4) Groups deemed to be particularly vulnerable, as determined by the Technical Committee for AIDS Control, shall be subject to the necessary tests to prove that they are free of infection."

Sec. 3 provides for the continuance of the Technical Committee on AIDS established by Administrative Resolution No. 9 of 6 June 1987. In addition, provision is made for the establishment of a National Committee, within the Ministry of Health Education, with tasks of spreading "health awareness in society regarding acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), clarifying facts related to it as well as encouraging blood donation".

Sec. 4 reads as follows:

"4. Foreigners residing in the country with proven AIDS infection shall be deported to their countries for completion and follow-up of medical treatment with the concurrence of the specialized authorities."