A.   Constitution

1.    Constitution


B.    Population Policy


1.    Children Development Savings Act


       This Act is designed to encourage married women in Singapore to have more children.


2.     Income Tax Act


        Among other things, this Act allows expanded child deductions for women who have attained a certain level of education (Fifth Schedule to the Act).


C.     Reproductive Health and Rights


1.      Voluntary Sterilization Act


2.      Penal Code


         Abortion (Sections 312-316)


3.      Termination of Pregnancy Act


4.      Termination of Pregnancy Regulations


5.      Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act


         This Act prohibits advertisements related to abortion, infertility, conception, and pregnancy.


D.     Women’s Human Rights


1.      Women’s Charter


E.      Family Law


1.      Women’s Charter


         This law regulates marriage, divorce, child and spousal support, and marital relationships between persons nit married under Islamic law.


         Domestic violence (Sections 64-67)


2.      Administration of Muslim Law Act


         Among other things, this Act regulates


3.      Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act


4.      Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act


5.      Inheritance (Family Provision) Act


6.      Intestate Succession Act


F.      Children and Adolescents


1.      Children and Young Person’s Act


2.      Adoption of Children Act


3.      Guardianship of Infants Act


4.      Legitimacy Act


G.      Health and HIV/AIDS


1.      Medical and Elderly Care Endowment Schemes Act


        This Act provides for the payment of health care costs for persons who are unable to do so.


2.      Infectious Diseases Act


3.      Indecent Advertisements Act


        This Act prohibits advertisements for the treatment of venereal diseases.


H.       Criminal Law


1.       Penal Code


         Abortion (Sections 312-316)


         Infection with a sexually transmitted disease (Sections 269-270)


         Sex offenses (Section 354, 375-377)


         Pornography (Sections 292-294)


         Prostitution (Sections 372-373


         Trafficking (Sections 366-367, 370-372 Article 172, 376-377)


         Offenses against marriage, the family, and minors (Sections 317-318, 361, 366, 369, 393-398)


2.       Undesirable Publications Act


3.       Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act


         This Act prohibits activities related to prostitution.


4.       Women’s Charter


         Prostitution (Section 140, 142-159)


         Trafficking (Section 141)


I.       Labor Law


1.       Employment Act