SOUTH AFRICA.  Protection of Equality of Unfair Discrimination Act, 2000, 2 February 2000.


* * *


Prevention and general prohibition of unfair discrimination


6. Neither the State nor any person may unfairly discriminate against any person.


* * *


Prohibition of unfair discrimination on ground of gender


8. Subject to section 6, no person may unfairly discriminate against any person on the

ground of gender, including—

(u) gender-based violence: 25

(b) female genital mutilation;

(c) the system of preventing women from inheriting family property:

(d) any practice, including traditional, customary or religious practice, which

impairs the dignity of women and undermines equality between women and

men, including the undermining of the dignity and well-being of the girl child; 30

(e) any policy or conduct that unfairly limits access of women to land rights.

finance, and other resources:

(f) discrimination on the ground of pregnancy;

(g) limiting women’s access to social services or benefits, such as health.

education and social security; 35

(h) the denial of access to opportunities, including access to services or

contractual opportunities for rendering services for consideration, or failing to

ttie steps to reasonably accommodate the needs of such persons;

(i) systemic inequality of access to opportunities by women as a result of the

sexual division of labour.