UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Public Law No. 104-208, 30 September 1996.
* * *
Sec. 579. <<NOTE: 22 USC 262k-2.>>  (a) Limitation.--Beginning 1 
year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the 
Treasury shall instruct the United States Executive Director of each 
international financial institution to use the voice and vote of the 
United States to oppose any loan or other utilization of the funds of 
their respective institution, other than to address basic human needs, 
for the government of any country which the Secretary of the Treasury 
            (1) has, as a cultural custom, a known history of the 
        practice of female genital mutilation; and
            (2) has not taken steps to implement educational programs 
        designed to prevent the practice of female genital mutilation.
      (b) Definition.--For purposes of this section, the term 
``international financial institution'' shall include the institutions 
identified in section 532(b) of this Act.
* * *
    (a) Provision of Information Regarding Female Genital Mutilation.--
The Immigration and Naturalization Service (in cooperation with the 
Department of State) shall make available for all aliens who are issued 
immigrant or nonimmigrant visas, prior to or at the time of entry into 
the United States, the following information:
            (1) Information on the severe harm to physical and 
        psychological health caused by female genital mutilation which 
        is compiled and presented in a manner which is limited to the 
        practice itself and respectful to the cultural values of the 
        societies in which such practice takes place.
            (2) Information concerning potential legal consequences in 
        the United States for (A) performing female genital mutilation, 
        or (B) allowing a child under his or her care to be subjected to 
        female genital mutilation, under criminal or child protection 
        statutes or as a form of child abuse.
    (b) Limitation.--In consultation with the Secretary of State, the 
Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization shall identify those 
countries in which female genital mutilation is commonly practiced and, 
to the extent practicable, limit the provision of information under 
subsection (a) to aliens from such countries.
    (c) Definition.--For purposes of this section, the term ``female 
genital mutilation'' means the removal or infibulation (or both) of the 
whole or part of the clitoris, the labia minora, or labia majora.
    (a) <<NOTE: 18 USC 116 note.>>  Findings.--The Congress finds that--
            (1) the practice of female genital mutilation is carried out 
        by members of certain cultural and religious groups within the 
        United States;
            (2) the practice of female genital mutilation often results 
        in the occurrence of physical and psychological health effects 
        that harm the women involved;
            (3) such mutilation infringes upon the guarantees of rights 
        secured by Federal and State law, both statutory and 
            (4) the unique circumstances surrounding the practice of 
        female genital mutilation place it beyond the ability of any 
        single State or local jurisdiction to control;
            (5) the practice of female genital mutilation can be 
        prohibited without abridging the exercise of any rights 
        guaranteed under the first amendment to the Constitution or under any other 
        law; and
            (6) Congress has the affirmative power under section 8 of 
        article I, the necessary and proper clause, section 5 of the 
        fourteenth Amendment, as well as under the treaty clause, to the 
        Constitution to enact such legislation.
    (b) Crime.--
            (1) In general.--Chapter 7 of title 18, United States Code, 
        is amended by adding at the end the following:
``Sec. 116. Female genital mutilation
    ``(a) Except as provided in subsection (b), whoever knowingly 
circumcises, excises, or infibulates the whole or any part of the labia 
majora or labia minora or clitoris of another person who has not 
attained the age of 18 years shall be fined under this title or 
imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.
    ``(b) A surgical operation is not a violation of this section if the 
operation is--
            ``(1) necessary to the health of the person on whom it is 
        performed, and is performed by a person licensed in the place of 
        its performance as a medical practitioner; or
            ``(2) performed on a person in labor or who has just given 
        birth and is performed for medical purposes connected with that 
        labor or birth by a person licensed in the place it is performed 
        as a medical practitioner, midwife, or person in training to 
        become such a practitioner or midwife.
    ``(c) In applying subsection (b)(1), no account shall be taken of 
the effect on the person on whom the operation is to be performed of any 
belief on the part of that person, or any other person, that the 
operation is required as a matter of custom or ritual.''.
            (2) Conforming amendment.--The table of sections at the 
        beginning of chapter 7 of title 18, United States Code, is 
        amended by adding at the end the following new item:
``116. Female genital mutilation.''.
    (c) <<NOTE: 18 USC 116 note.>>  Effective Date.--The amendments made 
by subsection (b) shall take effect on the date that is 180 days after 
the date of the enactment of this Act.
* * *