Laws Listed by Country




Law No. 2209/PLN of 15 September 1983 [General vaccination law]


Resolution No. 141/97 of 10 December 1997 of the Secretariat of Health, National Regulations on Vaccination




Public Health Act, 15 November 1943, as amended through 31 May 2003




Health Act 1947, 13 August 1947


Vaccination Regulations, 1942, 22 May 1942




Cabinet Regulation No. 330 of 26 September 2000, the Vaccination Regulations




Law of 4 July 2000 on the Responsibility of the State on Vaccinations


Grand-ducal Regulation of 18 October 2002 setting the list of recommended vaccinations




Public Health Act of 21 November 2003


New Zealand


Health Immunisation Regulations 1995




Ministerial Resolution No. 721-2005/MINSA of 23 September 2005 of the Ministry of Health [Plan for the National General health Strategy for Immunizations, 2004-2005


Ministerial Resolution No. 307-2005/MINSA of 22 April 2005 of the Ministry of Health [national calendar of vaccinations]




Presidential Decree No. 996 of 16 September 1976 [on the immunization of children and infants]


Presidential Decree No. 856 of 23 December 1975, Code on Sanitation


South Africa


Regulations relating to Communicable Diseases and the Notification of Notifiable Medical Conditions, 30 October 1987


The Primary Health Care Package for South Africa—a Set or Norms and Standards


Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Drugs List for South Africa, 1998




Law on Epidemics of 18 December 1970, as Amended through 7 June 2005