Workshop Grant

Small Grant to Support the Harvard Program in Quantitative Genomics Workshop

This workshop grant is to support short-term workshops organized by the PQG faculty and hosted at Harvard that aim to explore new frontiers or foster new collaboration and discovery in cutting-edge research areas to advance the mission of the PQG. We seek to use this platform to provide full freedom for intellectual exploration and innovative thinking in quantitative genomics. Administrative support will be provided. Proposals may involve single or multiple disciplines. Each award granted can be up to $5,000, maximum.

Eligibility: PQG faculty are eligible for applying for this workshop grant

Deadlines: September 15, January 15 and May 15 - annually

Use of the Fund: Awards may be used for such costs as: travel, food and beverages, audiovisuals, rental fees and workshop materials. Should the awardee leave the employ of Harvard University, the remainder of the award will be forfeited. There is no carry forward. Any unused balance will remain in the fund.

Review Criteria: Proposals should meet one or more of the following areas of PQG priority:

  • Promoting cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research in quantitative genomics
  • Training of quantitative genomic scientists
  • Advancing careers of junior investigators

Review Mechanism: Proposals will be reviewed by a PQG Executive Committee, and all applicants will be notified of their application status in a timely manner.

Proposal Requirements:

  • The Applicant must be a PQG Program Faculty member. If you are not a PQG Faculty member, we encourage you to join by contacting any of the PQG co-directors or filling out the online application
  • Workshops must occur within one year from the date of the award notice
  • The application below must be completed in its entirety. No appendix materials will be accepted.
  • A final report, which includes the agenda, a list of the participants and attendees, and use of funds, must be submitted to Shaina Andelman no later than 90 days after the event

For any questions regarding the Small Workshop Grant or the application process, please contact Shaina Andelman by email: or by telephone: 617-432-7449.


Small Workshop Grant Application

Applicant Name:
Have you already been approved as a PQG Program Faculty Member? Yes
Email Address:
Primary Phone:
Office Mailing Address:
What are your workshop goals and their significance to the PQG mission? (Please limit to 250 words)
Who will be the PI's associated with this workshop? (Please provide name, title, and contact information)
What is the proposed format of the workshop? Include agenda, topics, speakers, target audience, anticipated number of participants, and location.
Please provide a budget justification for your anticipated workshop expenses.
What are the proposed day or dates of the workshop?