Upcoming Conferences

Below is a list of conferences that might be of interest to members of our group.


AACR Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA.  April 5-9, 2014. Abstract submission deadline: December 3, 2013.


27th Annual Meeting on the Biology of Genomes
Cold Spring Harbor, NY.  May 6-10, 2014.  Abstract submission deadline: February 21, 2014.


AACR Integrative Molecular Epidemiology Workshop
Boston, MA.  August 11-15, 2014.  Application deadline: April 14, 2014.


23rd Annual Conference of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society
Vienna, Austria.  August 28-30, 2014.  Abstract submission deadline: June 4, 2014.


2014 World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics
Copenhagen, Denmark.  October 12-16, 2014.


The 64th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics
San Diego, CA.  October 18-22, 2014.  Abstract submission deadline: June 4, 2014.