Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find a practice placement opportunity?

Each student is responsible for locating his/her own practicum.

  1. Practice Open House is a great way to network with organizations and alumni to find a practice opportunity
  2. Organizations currently looking for a student are listed on CareerConnect.
    a.) In the right hand side bar under Practice/Field Immersion select “search for practicum projects.”
  3. Practice course instructors, faculty advisers and fellow students may also be a source for opportunities.
  4. In preparation for seeking an opportunity consider the following: inventory your related skills and experiences, identify the skills you would like to develop, and update your resume. Check on Preparing for Practice Experience.

When should I begin the preparation for the practicum?

Since each program has different practice guidelines, check the handbook for your program and work with your practice instructor. In general, allow yourself 3 – 6 months lead time. The practicum and all its requirements must be fulfilled before graduation.

Once I find a practice experience, how do I obtain approval?

To ensure your practice experience meets the requirements of your degree program, you should be sure to obtain approval from your practice instructor BEFORE accepting or committing to an organization. .

  1. Complete the Practicum Project Learning Agreement form in CareerConnect. This form is electronic and will be sent to your instructor and preceptor for approval.

Do I need to have a human subjects committee review?

Every student needs to be aware of human subjects requirements. General guidelines are listed on the Practicum Guidelines page, AND, each student should discuss the human subjects requirements with his or her practice instructor. If you have questions or concerns with human subjects research, please contact Julie Kaberry at the Office of Human Research Administration.

Please follow this link to the Office of Human Research Administration website for information on whether  Student Researchers can act as PIs on the various types of Harvard Chan School protocols.

What should I do when my practice experience is completed?

Each department and practice course has its own requirements for completion of the practice experience. Please check with your practice course instructor(s) for details. In general a paper about the work as well as a classroom presentation or Poster Session will be needed to obtain a grade for the Practice Course.  Your Practice Instructor will provide details in the Course Syllabus.

It is also required that you complete the web-based student evaluation of Preceptor and placement organization that will be sent in April.

What should my on-site preceptor do at the end of the practice experience?

Preceptors will receive a practice evaluation form from the Office for Education at the end of the practicum via email. Please ask your preceptor to complete the form and return it in a timely manner. Take the time to also speak with your practice course instructor regarding  individual department requirements.