Student Forms & Contact Info

Student Forms
Practicum Project Proposal Form: Submit to Course Instructor for project approval – varies by degree program
Practicum Project Learning Agreement Form: Must be signed and submitted to your course instructor two weeks prior to project start date
Mid Point Check-In Evaluation (Web based): Sent by course instructor
Student Evaluation of Preceptor and Placement Organization (web-based): Sent after completion of Practicum project

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact:

Michael McCormack, Director of Practice
Cathy Tso, Practice Administrator

Practice Course Instructor:

Health and Social Behavior Field of Study: Bobby Gottlieb

Global Health Field of Study: Bill Bean

Health Management and Health Policy Fields of Study:
Management Track: Michael Brown and Bill Bean
Policy Track: Amy Rosenthal

Law and Public Health: Amy Rosenthal