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Writing and Publishing Public Health Research

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Writing and Publishing Public Health Research
A Course in Scientific Writing

Winter Session – January 2015

This is an intensive, non-credit course in writing and publishing public health research. Our primary focus is on writing and publishing original research in peer-reviewed journals, but the material we cover applies to all scientific communications, including grant and research proposals, theses, dissertations and review articles.

In this course we will closely examine the structures and conventions of scientific writing; study and apply the editing and revising skills needed to transform rough drafts into finished manuscripts that are clear, concise and publishable; and consider strategies for journal selection and publishing. Each class will include lecture, discussion, and peer review. Participants are expected to have either a full or partial draft manuscript that they will share for peer review.

The course will meet for six sessions from 12:30–3:20 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays, January 6–22.

Enrollment is limited and instructor’s permission is needed to join.
Contact Donald Halstead,

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