Cross-Registered Courses: Drop/Change

Dropping a course

A student dropping a cross-registered course must do so by the earlier add/drop/change deadline.  HSPH students must submit a completed Drop/Change Form to the HSPH Registrar’s Office. Students who do not drop a cross-registered course via the Drop/Change Form will be considered enrolled in the course and will receive a grade for it.

Students who wish to drop a course or change their grading option after the add/drop/change deadline must do so through their Home School’s Registrar’s Office. If the student’s school approves the late change, they will notify the HSPH Registrar’s Office. If students are allowed to drop or change a grading option for a course after the HSPH deadline, they will be subject to a fee of $80.00 in addition to any late fees that may be charged by their own school.

It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to check his/her registration and be sure it is correct.  The Registrar’s Office is not responsible for student oversights.  If you have any questions about your registration please contact us.