Doctor of Science and Doctor of Public Health (DPH) Forms

Listed below are forms that doctoral students are required to submit for approval by the CAD throughout their tenure at HSPH. All forms are available at the HSPH Registrar’s Office. 

Prospective Program
Used to declare major and minor fields and to list proposed course work to be taken in each of three fields.

Final Program
Used to nominate Oral Examination Committee members as well as to confirm course work taken in major and minor fields.

Oral Qualifying Examination Scheduling Form
Used to schedule the Oral Examination.

Nominations for Research Committee
Used to nominate Research Committee members.

Progress Report Form
Used to chart and evaluate progress toward the degree as assessed by Research Committee; must be completed every six months, or more frequently, if deemed necessary by the CAD.

Dissertation Defense Scheduling Form
Used to schedule the Dissertation Defense.

Application for Degree
Used only to apply for a Master of Science degree along the way to a doctorate. Student must provide their name as it should appear on the diploma, the degree program and department, previous degree(s), and the name(s) of the academic institutions which conferred the degree(s). All other doctoral students should complete the on-line application on the myHarvardChan portal.

The following are the forms that may be used by doctoral students in specific situations.

General Petition
Used when requesting that any changes be made to the Prospective or Final Programs. This form also should be used when changing course load status.

Leave of Absence
Used only when extenuating circumstances prohibit academic progress for a short period of time. Research must not continue during this time. A Leave of Absence will be granted for no more than a single academic year at a time.

Non-Resident Status Petition
Used when research will take student outside of the Boston metropolitan area for an extended period of time. This status will be granted for a maximum of one year at time. A Progress Report Form must accompany the Non-Resident Status Petition.