• FERPA Form
    Use this form to restricts disclosure of your record to third parties by law under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  • Transcript Request Form
    Used to request a transcript.
  • Request for Certification
    Used when requesting certification of enrollment, tuition and fees, or graduation.
  • Leave of Absence Petition
    Used when requesting a leave of absence from.
  • Application for Degree
    For Doctoral students seeking a Master’s degree along the way only. All other students must submit the online degree application via myHarvardChan.
  • Diploma Mailing Form
    Submitted by graduating students to indicate whether they will pick up their diploma or have it mailed to them.
  • Diploma Replacement Request Form
    Submitted when requesting a replacement diploma is stolen or destroyed.
  • General Petition
    Used to petition to change current student status. Doctoral students use general petition to register for research credit prior to the Oral Exam.
  • I.D. Replacement Form
    Used to request a replacement of a Harvard I.D.
  • Incomplete Contract
    Used by students receiving a grade of incomplete. This is a written contract between student and course instructor recording the negotiated work to be performed, the completion deadline, and the penalty, if any, to be assigned if the work is not completed.
  • Prerequisite Waiver Form
    Used when requesting to waive a course prerequisite.
  • Waiver of Core Courses Form
    Used to request waiver of BIO and EPI school-wide core course(s) only.
  • Student File Release Form
    Used to allow a 3rd party to view your student file.
  • Change of Name Request
    Used to change your officially change your name in our database (usually after a marriage or divorce).
  • Late Withdrawal Petition
    Used to petition to withdraw form a course after the period’s add/drop deadline.