External Review and Editing Services

External Review Services

ORSD assists Harvard School of Public Health faculty with coordinating external expert reviews and editorial assistance for NIH grant proposal.  In order to be eligible for either of these services, you must have a primary HSPH Assistant or Associate Professor appointment and have your research operation based at HSPH.

  • External Review Services – HSPH faculty identify external content experts to review your NIH grant proposal. ORSD hires the expert to complete a full review of the proposal using NIH review criteria. Reviewers are asked to provide a detailed analysis of the proposal’s strengths, weaknesses; identify opportunities to improve the scientific design; and assessing the impact and overall significance of the proposal.  ORSD compensates the reviewer with $750 in consulting fees.
  • Editing Assistance – ORSD maintains a pool of experienced scientific editors who have been trained in NIH grant writing & editing.  We will retain and pay for an editor to review your grant proposal prior to submission to the NIH.  Our editors have a wealth of experience; in addition to copy editing, faculty may ask for assistance in reducing length of proposal sections and strengthening the clarity and organization of ideas.

Please note that advance notice is critical in securing either an external review or editing assistance. If you are developing or planning to develop a proposal and you are interested in retaining either of these services, please contact ORSD as soon as possible.

We have developed Proposal Development Services Timeline to provide general guidelines to aid your proposal development planning.  However, if you are working on a truncated timeline, ORSD will work with you to determine whether and how external review and editing services can be staged to facilitate your proposal development efforts.

To aid in your planning, please see ORSD’s Proposal Development Timeline Example.