Publications List: Reuma Magori-Cohen (Admanit)

Somatic hypermutation targeting is influenced by location within the immunoglobulin V region

Reuma Magori-Cohen, Steven H. Kleinstein,Yoram Louzoun (Molecular Immunology 2011)

Mutation parameters from DNA sequence data using graph theoretic measures on lineage trees

Reuma Magori-Cohen,Yoram Louzoun, Steven H. Kleinstein (Bioinformatics 2006)

Mathematical modelling and evaluation of the different routes of transmission of lumpy skin disease virus

Reuma Magori-Cohen, Yoram Louzoun,Yael Herziger,Eldad Oron,Alon Arazi,Eeva Tuppurainen,Nahum Y. Shpigel, Eyal Klement (Veterinary Research 2012)

Sleep-Wake Transitions in Premature Neonates and Children’s Multi-Dimensional Development across the First Years of Life

Omri Weisman*, Reuma Magori-Cohen*, Yoram Louzoun, Arthur I. Eidelman Ruth S. Feldman (Pediatrics 2011)

Human Attachment is Supported by Biological Synchrony: Mother and Infant Coordinate Heart Rhythms through Episodes of Interaction Synchrony


Ruth Feldman*, Reuma Magori-Cohen* ,Giora Galili, Magi Singer  Yoram Louzoun (Infant Behavior and Development 2011)

The association of winds with the spread of EHDV in dairy cattle in Israel during an outbreak in 2006

Kedmi M, Herziger Y, Galon N, Reuma Magori-Cohen, Perel M, Batten C, Braverman Y, Gottlieb Y, Shpigel N, Klement Eyal. (Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2010)

Effective Solutions for Real-World Stackelberg Games: When Agents Must Deal with Human Uncertainties

James Pita, Manish Jain, Fernando Ordóñez, Milind Tambe, Sarit Kraus, Reuma Magori-Cohen (Proceedings of AAMAS 2009, this work was published as a chapter in the book “Security and Game Theory: Algorithms, Deployed Systems, Lessons Learned”, Milind Tambe, Cambridge, 2011)