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Blooming of a New Era -- A newcomer to Harvard and the School, Barry R. Bloom will become dean in January.

The Gene Genie -- Researchers at the School are turning to gentetics to unravel the mysteries of health and disease.

Mourning the Loss of Jonathan Mann

Random Samples
Study Finds 'Life Gap' in U.S.
Correcting Lousy Information
Amartya Sen Wins Nobel Prize
Looking for Holes
Alumnus Heads CDC
AIDS Vaccine Trials Debated

677 Huntington Avenue
Grand Masters of Public Health
Empowering Women with the Web
Camara Jones to Study in New Zealand
Gareth Green: A Gentle Man and a Scholar
Glorian Sorensen's Track to Tenure
Binge Drinking Unabated
Sibling Survivors
Faculty Awards & Merits
Appointments & Promotions

Continuing Professional Education
1998- 1999 Schedule
New Course on Compliance

Commencement: High Spirits and Tall Orders
Alumni Day 1998
Fellow Public Health Travelers
Alum Spins Plague Tale
Of Health and Horrors
Class Notes

Statistics Key Weapon in Gene Hunts

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