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Leaning in the Right Direction

Somalia. Afghanistan. Kosovo. Wherever health and human rights are threatened, you'll find Professor Jennifer Leaning on the ground offering her unique perspective on complex humanitarian crises and her insight on what can be done about them.

Photograph: ©Physicians for Human Rights-PHR, John Heffernan

Dean's Message

Taking On The SARS Challenge
Faculty research helps affected countries plan containment programs

Random Samples

In the Line of Fires
Understanding the health effects of oil fires in the Gulf War

Here's To Your Health
More on alcohol's positive health benefits h benefits

Hearts & Hormones
Conflicting data on postmenopausal hormone therapy raises thorny questions

What Does the Public Know? Just Ask.
Pinpointing--and correcting--deficits in the public's health knowledge

Doing Justice to Public Health
Splicing together the methods of legal scholars and public health experts

The Food Pyramid...Transformed

Is the USDA's Food Pyramid in need of an overhaul? Research from the School and affiliated institutions say the answer is "yes."

Photograph: Kent Dayton for HSPH







677 Huntington

Zoning in on Peace
Middle school program encourages violence prevention

Pssst: Cancer's Preventable. Pass It On.
The Internet is just one of many ways to spread the word

Is There an Ethicist in the House?
School's two new ethicists address big public health issues

APIN Attacks Nigeria's AIDS Advance
HSPH-Nigerian initiatives train leaders and controls HIV's spread

Caution: Work Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Bike messengers, farmers and truckers offer occupational health lessons


Always Something to Do
Efforts in Tanzania focus on children’s mental and physical health

Taking Care of Those Who Fly
Alum is newly appointed surgeon general for the U.S. Air Force


A Little Bit of History

Banner Photograph © Physicians for Human Rights, John Heffernan
Shebhargan Prison, Shebhargan, Afghanistan 2001

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