Harvard Public Health Review

Fall 2004

Dean's Message
The scientific basis of health decision-making

Assessing Risk
Smart health and safety policies are grounded in quantitative research.

Corralling Mad Cow
Amid controversy and media hype, HSPH's analysis of risk to the U.S. suggests the disease's spread would be limited

Fishy Business
As mercury levels rise, what are the risks and benefits of eating fish?

What Price Health?
Cost-effectiveness analysis seeks to maximize health care dollars.

Keeping Risk in Perspective
Communication helps public separate real dangers, false alarms.

Dueling Diets
A study asks: How best to lose weight and keep it off?

Canaries in the Coal Mine
Youth violence mirrors society's larger ills

Getting Health Reform Right
There's no quick fix for broken systems, say HSPH experts

Little Middle Ground in the Elections
This election, little middle ground exists between Republicans and Democrats

The Prevention Question
Curbing 20 health risks to boost global life expectancy

Epidemiology's Odysseus
Passive smoking discovery one step in career journey

Crisis of Confidence
HSPH offers crash course to restore trust in U.S. health care

Polio Vaccine Turns 50
HSPH contributions key to this public health milestone

Taking Quality's Measure
New studies cite strengths, shortcomings in U.S. health care

Gentle Diplomat
One physician's quiet quest to end female circumcision

Alumni and students forge fruitful relationships

Letters from Albania
Alumna weaves safety net for vulnerable Albanian children


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