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Making Our Nation Safer -- A New Use for "Dual Use"

A Miracle Child

The Role of Models

Dangerous Liaisons

Teen Revolution, Parent Evolution

Our Best Shot

Getting to the Heart (and Stomach and Gene) of Diabetes

Since September 11

Truly Informed Consent

Everybody With Me?

The Cuban Paradox

Tools of the Trade

Sierra Leone's Optimist

A Modest Proponent

Partners in Peru

Mortal Allies: Guns and Suicide

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Sometimes public health issues jump across their theoretical boundaries to invade our personal lives. Professor Michael Reich, the new director of the Harvard Center for Population Studies, recalls his harrowing ordeal of survival and recovery from a traffic accident and how it changed his view of public health.

Photograph: Kent Dayton for HSPH





For Assistant Professor Sue Goldie of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis making mathematical models of sexually transmitted diseases, securing funding for a cervical cancer screening pilot program, teaching packed classrooms the subject of decision science, raising two children, and learning Creole is all in a day's work.

Photograph: Kent Dayton for HSPH

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