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Upholding the Gold Standard
A prestigious fellowship supports these emerging leaders

Revolutionary Thinker
One statistician's maverick quest for a 'unified theory of everything'

Hidden Wounds
In the histories of young black men, a
doctor sees key pieces to the urban violence puzzle

In Memoriam

James Whittenberger, pioneer in the field of environmental health

Elkan Blout, National Medal of Science recipient and former HSPH academic dean

Andrew Spielman, one of the world's foremost experts in vector-borne illness

Tobacco: Kent Dayton/HSPH
Malaria: Eye of Science / Photo Researchers, Inc




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Cover Story

Dean's Message:
Hollywood Smoke-out

HSPH takes on tobacco on screen

Making Smoking History Worldwide
HSPH's push toward a tobacco-free planet

Also in this issue

The Wily Malaria Parasite
Genetically diverse P. falciparum
strains add up to one virulent, drug resistant foe

Breathing Easier in Shanghai
Quarter-century old study enters the genomics age

Age-related Vision Loss
Teasing apart the influences of genes versus lifestyle

Vitamin D: How Much is Enough?
Many Americans are deficient, studies show

Prevention: It Just Makes Cents
In the U.S., the polio vaccine saved $180 billion, says an HSPH study that supports global eradication

Saving Mothers and Infants from HIV
New drug regimen could revolutionize care in the developing world

Trans Fat 'Ban Wagon'
Prohibition in NYC restaurants delivers seismic aftershocks nationwide


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