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A Prescription for Prevention? -- While the breast cancer drug tamoxifen offers new hope to women at high risk for the disease, questions remain as to its efficacy, its side effects, and who should ultimately take it.

Picking Through the Pieces -- School researchers contemplate the merits--as well as the faults--of the oft-disparaged managed care system.

Pharmacophilanthropy -- Pharmaceutical companies employ different strategies for getting much-needed drugs to people in developing countries though donation programs.


Something to Prove:
The Biostatistics of A Civil Action


Random Samples

UV or Not UV: That Is the TB Question
Boyhood Disrupted
A Fertile Area of Research
Hill Named Editor
Epidemic in C Major
Infections at an Exhibition
Good Intentions, Bad Water
The Epidemiology of Activism

677 Huntington Avenue
Microlab Mavens
E Pluribus Modem
A Not-So-Simple Solution
Faculty Awards and Honors

Changing Times, Improving Health
'The Best Job in Public Health'
Long Distance House Calls
Three Roads Diverged

Clinical Trial Conundrums

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