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The Mystery of the Metabolic Supermice
A rare mouse gene variant casts light on obesity's human toll

Wave of the Future
Mining the human genome for links to disease

Bangladeshi flood victim

The Lessons of Oral Rehydration Therapy
The co-discoverer of a simple solution to a global killer passes all he has learned to public health's next generation

Illustration: David Horvath
Photograph: Jayanta Shaw/REUTERS




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Dean's Message: Leaders Worth Following
HSPH celebrates distinguished faculty members and alumni

Exposing the Roots of Health Disparities
Sociologist David T. Williams looks for patterns linking race, socioeconomic status, and health

The America Next Door
When it comes to longevity, we are anything but equal

Drug Companies at the Crossroads
HSPH's Michelle Mello explores the thorny issues at the intersection of public health, law, and ethics

Brain Pollution
In a silent epidemic, common chemicals are damaging young minds

Industrial Wasteland
201 chemicals with
toxic effects

In Memoriam

Joseph Harrington, professor and former Chair of Department of Environmental Health

Frederick Mosteller, pioneering statistician

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