Sites of Note

EPI286 Advanced Pharmacoepidemiology – This course is intended primarily for graduate students considering a career in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, pharmaceutical benefits management, or in national regulatory bodies (Dr. Schneeweiss, Dr. Gagne).

EPI235 Epidemiologic Methods in Health Services Research – This course is designed to introduce Epidemiology students to the application of standard epidemiologic methods to Health Services Research. The course helps students to recognize the principles of Epidemiology in Health Services Research, and understand the terminology and methods specific to the field. (Dr. Polinski, Dr. Schneeweiss)

Epi253 Effectiveness Research with Longitudinal Healthcare Databases – Large longitudinal healthcare databases have become important tools for studying the utilization patterns and clinical effectiveness of medical products and interventions in a wide variety of care settings and for evaluating the impact of clinical programs or policy changes. This course will prepare student to identify and use longitudinal databases in their own research. The course focuses on analytic principles and their application to database research. (Dr. Schneeweiss, Dr. Fischer, Dr. Hernandez-Diaz)

BWH Division of Pharmacoepidemiology