Events in Review

The SHDH Holiday Party on Thurs, Dec 16 was lots of fun as we shared delicious food to celebrate the close of the 1st semester and the start of a new year.

David Williams has been appointed by HHS Secretary Sibelius to a three-year term as a member of the National Advisory Council for the National Human Genome Research Institute (NIH).

Shaniece Criss served in the US Peace Corps in Guyana, South America from 2008 to 2010.  She worked at the Ministry of Health with youth services and health communication projects. The Peace Corps Office in Washington, DC captured some of her work while she was in Guyana, and then followed up with her in Boston. Please see (Her segment of the video starts at 2:07- 2 minutes 7 seconds.)

Bernice Raveche had two oral presentations accepted at the American Public Health Association (APHA) conference which was held in Nov 2010. (Raveche, Bernice. “Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Consumption of Soda and Other Sugar Sweetened Beverages among Two Year Old Children: Findings from a Population-Based Survey” and  “Community-Driven Action Research: Addressing Weight Disparities among African-American and Black Youth in Cambridge, Massachusetts”)

Kate Falb’s abstract was accepted for the Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference which was held in Dec. (Falb, Kate. “School Bullying and Other Childhood Predictors of Adult Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration”)

Alison El Ayadi’s two abstracts were accepted for the Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference which was held in Dec. (El Ayadi, Alison. “Differences in the assessment of infant feeding status between the birth certificate and newborn screening forms in New Hampshire” and “Classification of early postpartum breastfeeding status on birth certificate  and newborn screening documents”)

Vish Viswanath recently launched the study, Project IMPACT (Influencing Media and Public Agenda on Cancer and Tobacco Disparities), which aims to build capacity of community-based organizations in Lawrence, Massachusetts to work with the local media, with an overall goal of changing the way that the media covers issues of health inequities. Co-Investigators include Dr. David Williams, Glorian Sorensen and Ichiro Kawachi of SHDH. A successful kick-off event was held at Salvatore’s Restaurant in Lawrence on September 22, 2010.  The Honorable Mayor William Lantigua as well as the City Council President Frank Moran attended the event in addition to many of Lawrence’s community health and social justice leaders. Project IMPACT is based on successful media workshops conducted as part of the MassCONECT (Massachusetts Community Networks to Eliminate Cancer Disparities through Education, Research and Training) study in 2007, and will offer a media training program for community-based organizations through a series of workshops and a toolkit for journalists. The purpose of Project IMPACT is to develop and test a community mobilization model that aims to (a) alter the information environment in the community about health disparities in general and tobacco disparities in particular; (b) build community capacity to work with local media to influence the public agenda through the media training of members of CBOs; and (c) assess whether the intervention has led to change in community agenda on disparities. Project IMPACT is part of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Lung Cancer Disparities Center. For more information about Dr. Viswanath’s research, visit

The 2010 Maternal and Child Health Symposium held on December 2 explored the topic Advancing the Field of Maternal and Child Health: Celebrating 75 Years of Title V and Training for the Future. Please find the video of this year’s symposium in the following link: