Grants, Awards & Funding Opportunities

Vish Viswanath was recognized as the Outstanding Health Communication Scholar for 2010 by the National Communication Association (NCA) and International Communication Association (ICA). He received the award at the November meeting of the NCA in San Francisco. Dr. Viswanath was nominated by his colleagues at NCA and ICA to receive the annual award which recognizes exceptional health communication scholarship. “I am honored to receive this prestigious award,” says K. “Vish” Viswanath, PhD.  “This award is a recognition of the pressing and urgent problem of communication inequalities and health disparities that is pursued in our lab and I am gratified that my peers have recognized the importance of studying and addressing this issue.” For more information about Dr. Viswanath’s research, visit

Ezequiel M. Galarce – a Yerby postdoctoral fellow at SHDH – was awarded a Robert Wood Johnson seed grant for a project stressing the effects of emotional priming on flu vaccination. He will work in this with Drs. Vish Viswanath, Ichiro Kawachi and Paul Biddinger.

Erin Dunn was named one of the recipients of the Julius B. Richmond Fellowship from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

NIH Fellowship Submission Information (F31). Everyone who intends on submitting a fellowship grant should be aware of the next cycle due dates for the following F Series Fellowships:
1. Standard F31: Due to NIH by 4/8/11, final due to SPA by 3/24/11
2. F31 Diversity Fellowship: Due to NIH by 4/13/11, final due to SPA by 3/29/11
Here are some helpful links that will provide more information regarding F Series submissions:
1. NIH Due dates and review timeline:
2. Standard F31 PA:
3. F31 Diversity Fellowship PA:
We strongly recommend that if you are interested in submitting a fellowship grant that you meet with your advisor and the SHDH staff listed below at least 2 months prior to the HSPH internal due date:
Chris Potter – Email:; Phone: 617-432-1136
Armand Inezian – Email:; Phone: 617-432-3762

Charles Nelson has been awarded funding by the Rockefeller Foundation to support a one month stay in Bellagio, Italy, next summer, to write a book about his experiences in Romania with the Bucharest Early Intervention Project which studies the relation between early psychosocial deprivation and mental health at 12 years.

The Lung Cancer Disparities Center (LCDC) is looking for innovative proposals for small projects that advance the understanding of disparities in lung cancer across the entire lung cancer trajectory. The Center aims to fund pilot projects that serve as incubators for innovative and transdisciplinary research. Investigators from diseases and disciplines that do not necessarily focus on lung cancer or tobacco are encouraged to apply for funding. Award Amount: maximum of $50,000 award amount dependent on scope of research project (direct costs only, indirect costs and faculty salaries will not be provided). Deadline for submission: February 18, 2011. Please email Dr. Emily Kontos for complete RFP details (

Charles Nelson received grant funding from NIH to continue his work in Romania with the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP). Title: the relation between early psychosocial deprivation adn mental health at 12 years. The major goal of this project is to continue following a sample of children residing in Bucharest, Romania, who have particpated in the BEIP.