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SHH 300: Independent Study in Eating Disorders Prevention: A Strategy Incubator 

Spring 1 or 2

Dr. S. Bryn Austin

1.25 credits

The purpose of this independent study will be to generate novel, transdisciplinary strategies designed to prevent eating disorders and the spectrum of disordered weight-control behaviors. Students will work closely with Dr. Austin and Dr. Kendrin Sonneville to develop innovative approaches for prevention that expand beyond the bounds of current thinking in the field. The product of this independent study will be either a literature review geared toward developing an innovative transdisciplinary prevention strategy proposal or to carry out a novel prevention project in the field that cuts across disciplines and would culminate in a written deliverable. Students must have interest in both eating disorders/disordered weight-control behaviors and prevention research. HSPH students seeking to apply to enroll in this independent study should email Dr. Austin (bryn.austin@childrens.harvard.edu) and Dr. Sonneville (kendrin.sonneville@childrens.harvard.edu) with your resume and a one-page cover letter describing your interest and related experience. This independent study is offered by the Transdisciplinary Training Initiative in Prevention of Eating Disorders (TransTiPED).