Committees & Initiatives

Dustin Duncan was appointed Managing Editor for the new journal Spatial Demography,, a new peer-reviewed open-access journal published by PressForward which publishes original scholarship involving the spatial analysis of demographic processes. This cross-disciplinary work involves modern demographic data visualization, enhanced geo-referenced data availability, and spatial statistics, facilitated through full color graphics, motion video tools, and a quick time-to-publication. Dustin can be reached with any questions regarding the publication at Correspondence:; submissions:

Shaniece Criss served as director, producer, script-writer, and host of the Food & Fun After School training video. It was designed to help staff learn how to promote nutrition and physical activity and implement the Food & Fun Afterschool curriculum, which was developed jointly with the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity and the YMCA. The video was created to enhance the training experience for program staff, and included staff and the children from their programs as the main stars of the video. The videos are provided free-of-charge through, YouTube, Vimeo, and DVD. Here is a link to the video: The Food & Fun After School Training Video was made possible through the hard work, dedication, and support from the following people: JaVaughn Anderson, Laurie Chroney, Charlynne Smart, Speedy Toeum, Madeleine deBlois, Becky Mozaffarian, Bekka Lee and Steve Gortmaker. Matthew Simon and Jonathan Simon served as the production crew. The Donald and Sue Pritzker Nutrition and Fitness Initiative generously funded the creation of the video. For more information about work at the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity, check out:                                                 and