Grants, Awards & Funding Opportunities

The Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center, in collaboration with Columbia University and research partners at Deakin and Queensland University in Australia, recently received an award from the JPB Foundation to generate cost effectiveness estimates for 40 of the most relevant childhood obesity interventions in the United States. The CHOICES (Childhood Obesity Intervention Cost Effectiveness Study) project will identify interventions that are most cost effective and help those strategies become a focus for discussion and action. During the three years of the CHOICES project, the team will form a nationally prominent stakeholder group to provide input into intervention selection, effectiveness assessment and cost, as well as to review important implementation issues including feasibility, scalability, and equity. Interventions to be evaluated include policy-based approaches, family-oriented approaches, community-based approaches, and innovative uses of media and health communication methods, as well as more traditional school curriculums and community programs. The team at HSPH includes Steve Gortmaker, Angie Cradock, Milt Weinstein, Stephen Resch, at Columbia Y. Claire Wang, at Deakin Boyd Swinburn, Marj Moodie, Rob Carter, Gary Sacks and at Queensland Theo Vos, Jan Barendreght, Linda Cobiac, Lennart Veerman.

Madeleine deBlois was named as a Richmond Fellow at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.