PO1 / Environmental Statistics Retreat

Friday, October 12, 2012, at Wellesley College Club, in Wellesley, MA.

9.00 - 9.30 Breakfast

9.30 - 9.35 Welcome (Xihong Lin)

9.35 - 10:15

Ian Barnett: “Using the higher criticism to detect genetic associations for complex traits”

Xihong Lin, Francesca Dominici, Brent Coull, Miguel Hernan
Overview of the P01 and Environmental Statistics Program

10.15 - 11.05 Session 1 (Chair: Miguel Hernan)

Xabier Garcia-De-Albeniz: “Overview and opportunities with SEER-Medicare data”

Linda Valeri: “Mediation analysis in the presence of measurement error and misclassification”

11.05 - 11.20 Break

11.20 - 12:20 Session 2(Chair: Francesca Dominici)

Cory Zigler: “Incorporating the propensity score into Bayesian estimation of causal effects”

Sebastien Haneuse: “Clustered semi-competing risks analysis in quality of end-of-life care studies”

12.20 - 1.20 Lunch

1.20 - 2.35 Session 3 (Chair: Brent Coull)

Stacey Alexeeff: “Testing for the effect of a genetic pathway in longitudinal data: kernel machine regression”

Matt Cefalu: “A note of caution: Bias inflation due to exposure prediction”

Jennifer Bobb: “Challenges of estimating the health impacts of extreme heat under global climate change”

2.35 - 2.50 Break

2.50 - 3.40 Session 4 (Chair: Xihong Lin)

Xinyi Lin: “Test for gene-environment interactions”

Denis Agniel: “Identifying master regulators”

3.40 - 4.45 Walk around Lake Waban

5.00 - Dinner gathering at Xihong Lin's House

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