PO1 / Environmental Statistics Retreat

Thursday, October 17, 2013

6.15pm EAC Dinner: Blue Ginger, Wellesley, MA

Friday, October 18, 2013, at Wellesley College Club, in Wellesley, MA

9.00 - 9.30 Breakfast

9.30 - 9.30 Welcome, Introduction, and Overview of P01 - Xihong Lin and Francesca Dominici, Professors of Biostatistics

9.30 - 11:00 Project 1: Statistical Methods for the Spatio-temporal Assessment of Social Disparities in Cancer

Overview - Brent Coull, Professor of Biostatistics

Lauren Hund: “Addressing Statistical Uncertainty Associated with Denominator Uncertainty and Temporal Misalignment in Spatial Regression Studies”

Sebastien Haneuse: “Data augmentation strategies to adjust for selection bias in EHR-based studies of comparative effectiveness”

Linda Valeri: "Collider Stratification in Causal Mediation Analysis"

11.00 - 11.20 Break

11.20 - 12.20 Project 2: Methods for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Cancer (Miguel Hernan)

Overview – Miguel Hernan, Professor of Epidemiology

Corwin Zigler: “Estimating the causal effect of surgical resection on patient-centered outcomes for elderly Glioblastoma patients using Bayesian model-averaged propensity scores”

Xabier Garcia-De-Albeniz: "Treatment Initiation in Prostate Cancer"

12.20 - 1:20 Lunch

1.20 - 2:05 Project 2 Continues

Matt Cefalu, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, “A Model Averaged Double Robust Estimator?”

Anders Huitfeldt: "Dynamic strategies to determine interval between colonoscopies"

2.05 - 2.25 Break

2.25 - 4.15 Session 3: Statistical Methods for Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data in Cancer Genetic Epidemiological Studies (Xihong Lin)

Overview - Xihong Lin, Professor of Biostatistics

Peter Kraft:“Whole Genome Sequencing of Germline DNA from Cancer Cases: Challenges and Opportunities”

Cindy Lin: “Testing for Rare SNV by Environment Interactions”

Yuanyuan She: "Sparse Kernel Machine Regression for Ordinal Outcomes"

Yen-Tsung Huang: “Integrative Modeling of Multi-platform Genomic Data”

Tyler VanderWeele: “Methodological Challenges in Mendelian Randomization”

4.15 - 4.30 Break

4.30 - 5.15 EAC/P01 Faculty Executive Session – Council Library Room Students and Postdocs – Career Mentoring Movie – Wall Room

5.15- 6.30 Walk Around Lake Waban

6.30 Dinner at Xihong Lin’s house

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