Statistical Informatics for Cancer Research

NIH P01 Grant P01CA134294

The program project, Statistical Informatics for Cancer Research, tackles problems motivated by the analysis of high-dimensional data arising in population-based studies of cancer research and consists of three projects:

  1. Spatial-temporal modeling of disease count data collected for administrative areas, motivated by problems encountered in epidemiological studies designed to monitor and assess health disparities;
  2. Spatially-indexed data with an emphasis on population surveillance and spatial cluster detection of cancer and other diseases that may be environmentally-induced;
  3. Methods for the analysis of high-dimensional genomic and proteomic biomarkers and extensions to spatially indexed genomic data;

The three projects are linked thematically through a focus on population-based, observational studies in cancer, and technically through high-dimensional correlated data that require advanced statistical and computing methods. All of the aims of the three projects are closely integrated with the motivating real world cancer studies in which the investigators are involved.

The two cores consist of an Administrative Core and a Statistical Computing Core. The Administrative Core will coordinate the overall scientific direction and programmatic activities of the program. The Statistical Computing Core will ensure the development and dissemination of open-access, good quality, and user-friendly software designed to implement the statistical methods developed in the Research Projects.

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