Computing Core

Francesca Dominici - Core Director Francesca's information may be found on the Principal investigators page.      

Chris Paciorek I work in the areas of spatial statistics and Bayesian statistics, applied primarily in environmental contexts. For the P01, I am working on spatial models that allow one to combine point and areal data, and on understanding the effects of residual spatial structure on fixed effects estimation.  

Yun Wang - senior research scientist Yun Wang takes the responsibility for data integration, data management, and data security for this project. His research focuses on using statistical methods to develop and integrate very large and heterogeneous information system to support outcomes research in the healthcare area. He has extensive knowledge and experience in working with various government databases, including Medicare data, environmental data, medical record abstracted data, and other public and private healthcare data.

Steve Melly - co-investigator Steven Melly is a GIS specialist based in the Environmental Health Department at HSPH. He is available to provide mapping and spatial analysis support for P01 projects.

Shaina Andelman - webmaster I work in the Biostatistics Department as a program and event coordinator, mainly focusing on the Program in Quantiative Genomics (PQG), directed by Xihong Lin. I am the webmaster for the PQG website, as well as for this newly created PO1 grant site.

David Diez - postdoc I joined the Harvard Biostatistics department as a postdoc in July, 2010 after earning my PhD from UCLA Statistics in 2010. My research interests include point pattern measures, Voronoi tessellations, environmental statistics applications, and open source education materials. My work tends to gravitate towards computation and programming, including R packages and website construction (including this website).

Christopher Sroka - research scientist, Battelle Dr. Sroka completed his doctorate in Statistics at the Ohio State University in 2008. The topic of his research was ranked set sampling, a data collection procedure that uses the ordering of auxiliary information to select units for sampling. Since 2008, Dr. Sroka has worked as a statistician for Battelle Memorial Institute. His work focuses on complex sampling designs used in public health and environmental studies.

Mark Davis - Battelle

Michele Morara - Battelle

Warren Strauss - Battelle

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