Principal Investigators

Xihong Lin (PI) Xihong Lin is Professor of Biostatistics and Co-ordinating Director of Program in Quantitative Genomics of the Harvard School of Public Health. My group's major research interests lie in development and application of statistical and computational methods for anlaysis of high-dimensional genomic and 'omics data in population and clinical sciences, and for analysis of correlated data, such as longitudinal, clustered and spatial data. We are interested in statistical genetics and genomics, genetic and epigenetic epidemiology, genes and environment and medical genomics. Current research projects include genome-wide association studies, next generation sequencing studies, gene-environment interactions, genome-wide DNA methylation studies, pathway analysis and network analysis, and proteomics. Articles: PubMed, Google Scholar.

Francesca Dominici (Co-PI) My main research focuses on developing statistical methods for integrating and analyzing large and heterogeneous datasets to evaluate the health impacts of new discoveries and interventions. I am committed to: 1) advance statistics by disseminating new methodology that better accounts for confounding and model misspecification in drawing inferences from large observational studies; and 2) apply the newly developed methodology to large and complex databases to address critical questions in public health and to impact policy. Articles: PubMed, Google Scholar.

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