Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for providing scientific and administrative leadership for the entire program. Its specific aims are as follows:

  1. facilititate intellectual exchange and collaboration between all program members through organization of bi-weekly meetings that alternate between informal working group and more formal seminar meetings;
  2. plan and implement short-courses and visitor programs on topics relevant to the program mission so as to ensure that all research supported by the progect is of the highest quality and based on cutting edge methods;
  3. mentor junior members of the program (postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty);
  4. communicate clearly with and provide accountability to individual project leaders and co-leaders, the director of the Statistical Core, and the Battelle project manager to ensure that appropriate progress is being made on all program aims;
  5. manage all administrative aspects of the program, including financial decision making, reporting, and annual grant reports; and
  6. ensure effective dissemination of the developed new methodology to real world practices through user-friendly open access software developments, applications of the proposed methods to motivating cancer data, publications in both statistical and subject matter conferences, and presentation of results at both statistical and subject matter conferences.
Copyright by Xihong Lin, 2011