Projects of the PO1 Grant

The Statistical Informatics for Cancer Research is divided into three projects:

  1. Spatial-temporal modeling of disease count data collected for administrative areas, motivated by problems encountered in epidemiological studies designed to monitor and assess health disparities. For additional details on this research area, please contact Brent Coull.
  2. Spatially-indexed data with an emphasis on population surveillance and spatial cluster detection of cancer and other diseases that may be environmentally-induced. For additional details, please contact Yi Li or Miguel Hernan.
  3. Methods for the analysis of high dimensional genomic and proteomic biomarkers and extensions to spatially indexed genomic data. For additional details, please contact Xihong Lin.

The three projects are linked through a focus on population-based, observational cancer studies, and technically through high-dimensional correlated data that require advanced statistical and computing methods.

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