Courses relevant to HSPH students interested in Statistical Genetics

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Course#  Course Title  Instructor
Statistical genetics/Genetic epidemiology methods sequence  
BIO 520 Concepts in Modern Statistical Genetics Christoph Lange
EPI 240 Biomarkers in Epidemiology Research Shelley Tworoger & Mary Townsend
EPI 249 Molecular Biology for Epidemiologists Immaculata De Vivo
EPI 507 Genetic Epidemiology Peter Kraft & Liming Liang
BIO 227 Introduction to Statistical Genetics Martin Aryee
EPI 293 Analysis of Genetic Association Studies Liming Liang
EPI 511 Advanced Population and Medical Genetics Alkes Price
ID 542 Methods for Meditation and Interaction Tyler Vanderweele
Computational Biology/Quantitative genomics methods sequence    
BIO 508 Genomic Data Manipulation Curtis Huttenhower
BIO 512 Intro. to Comp. Bio. and Bioinformatics Shirley Liu
BIO 513 Adv. Comp. Biology and Bioinformatics Winston Hide & Guocheng Yuan
BIO 113 Introduction to Data Management and Programming in SAS Elizabeth Allred
BIO 503 Programming in Stat Modeling in R Aedin Culhane
BIO 509 Introduction to Statistical Computing Environments Jian Guo
BIO 510 Programming I Jian Guo
Statistics/High-dimensional Data Analysis
EPI 215 Advanced Topics in Case-Control and Cohort Studies Peter Kraft & Lori Chibnik
BIO 245 Analysis of Multivariate and Longitudinal Data Xihong Lin
BIO 235 Regression and Analysis of Variance Robert Gray
BIO 249 Bayesian Methodology in Biostatistics Francesca Dominici & Corwin Zigler
EPI 288 Data Mining and Prediction E. Francis Cook
Substantive Courses
EH 516 Environmental Genetics Adrienne Ettinger & Pierre Zalloua
EPI 246 Applied Biomarkers in Cancer Epi Eva Schernhammer & Heather Eliassen
EPI 222 Gen. Epi. of Diabetes and its Complications Alessandro Doria, Frank Hu, and Lu Qi