Prospective Students

Master’s applicants may apply to either the Department of Epidemiology (Area of Interest: Program in Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics) or the Department of Biostatistics through the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS).  It is not possible to apply to both.

Doctoral applicants can apply to both departments and are strongly encouraged to do so.  Applications to the Doctor of Science degree in Epidemiology are done through SOPHAS.  Applications to the PhD in Biostatistics are done through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Some admissions criteria, such as quality of fit with each department or quality of fit with specific mentors in each department, may vary across departments.  In addition, the availability of funding may vary across departments.  Prospective students or Postdoctoral Fellows who have questions about opportunities for training or research at HSPH should contact Alkes Price.


Questions about applying?

The HSPH Office of Admissions is available to help prospective students applying through SOPHAS with any questions regarding general application procedures.  The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office is available to help PhD applicants.
To learn more about a specific department, the below staff members are available to answer questions about their respective departments.


Department of Biostatistics

for questions about degree programs:

Dr. David Wypij
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Biostatistics

Department of Epidemiology

all admissions questions:

John Paulson
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Epidemiology

for questions about the application process:
Jelena Follweiler
Manager of Academic Services
Department of Biostatistics