Stephen Rudnick

Adjunct Senior Lecturer on Industrial Hygiene Engineering

665 Huntington Avenue
Building I Room B21
Boston, MA 02115-6021
Phone: 617.432.1162



Dr. Rudnick’s research interests focus on the behavior of aerosols, particularly in relation to sampling, analysis, and engineering control of particles in ambient, indoor, and occupational settings. He is presently studying the use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of the upper airspace in rooms to control airborne infectious agents. Intra-room air circulation is known to play a crucial, albeit poorly understood, role in this process. The primary goal of this research is to predict the efficacy of this control method for specific applications. Laboratory studies in a room-size chamber are used to validate the prediction models. This work has broad application for control of tuberculosis and other diseases spread through airborne transmission, particularly in crowded spaces. He is also studying methods to decontaminate surfaces that may have been exposed to infected individuals or terrorists.


S.D., 1978, Harvard School of Public Health
M.S., 1970, Harvard School of Public Health
M.S., 1967, University of Pennsylvania