What Our Trainees Say About STRIPED

LeAnn Noh for website
“STRIPED has offered me a truly unique and rewarding opportunity to use my skills to contribute to the issues of eating disorders. Working closely with the faculty and peer fellows has opened my eyes to various approaches to this critical public health problem. I hope I can translate the inspiration and skills I have acquired to help solve the problem of eating disorders in Korea as well.”
-LeAnn Noh, Harvard School of Public Health


Katherine Cohen Dec 2012
“STRIPED gave me a unique opportunity to approach eating disorders and unhealthy body image prevention from an innovative and multidisciplinary perspective.  Through my projects, I’ve learned not only how vulnerable groups, like adolescents, are targeted with misleading images and information about cosmetic procedures, but also I’ve learned a lot about what lawmakers could do to protect these groups and prevent harm. STRIPED is doing great work calling attention to cutting edge public health issues.”
-Katherine Cohen, Harvard Law School



“I love everything about STRIPED! It’s fun, full of exciting opportunities to get involved and work with fabulous people. STRIPED pulls together a wide variety of fields, creating a dynamic and integrated space to discuss issues of bodies, food, weight, and appearance. My experience with STRIPED studying beauty industries and body image gave me a valuable chance to explore what I really care about.”
-Boram Seo, MD, MPH


“My STRIPED practicum working with the Massachusetts state legislature was a fantastic and unique opportunity. Not only was I given the chance to work with talented and inspirational individuals, but the practicum also opened my eyes to crucial eating disorder policy issues. The practicum was truly a wonderful experience and has helped shape my future career plans in health policy and management.”
-Elisabeth Malin, MS