Spotlight: Hyungi LeAnn Noh

LeAnn Noh for website“My interest in body image stems from my experience growing up in a diet-obsessed culture and seeing the soaring rate of cosmetic surgery at home in South Korea. We can’t just watch this happen. We have to come up with preventive policies for eating disorders and body image problems, and that’s what I intend to do.” -LeAnn


Hyungi LeAnn Noh is a master’s degree candidate in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Harvard Chan School.  Under the guidance of STRIPED Collaborating Mentor Mihail Samnaliev, PhD, LeAnn is developing new skills in economic analysis focusing on the economic burden of eating disorders.  In addition, LeAnn is helping to expand our STRIPED library of teaching cases by assisting in the creation of our new teaching case on the principles of cost-effectiveness analysis. In another project, LeAnn worked with STRIPED Collaborating Mentor Davene Wright, PhD, to help conduct a cost-effectiveness evaluation of school-based eating disorders screening.In addition to her projects with STRIPED, LeAnn is also a co-president of the Harvard Chan School Student Society for Refugee Health. The group aims to inspire conversations and actions regarding displaced people from both man-made and natural disasters. LeAnn is currently conducting a qualitative study with North Korean refugees in South Korea. She is also the Harvard Chan School liaison for the Harvard Law and International Development Society. Prior to coming to the Harvard Chan School, LeAnn worked as a journalist covering healthcare in Seoul, South Korea, and was a healthcare policy analyst in San Francisco. LeAnn studied economics and arts at Dartmouth College.


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