STRIPED in the News

STRIPED on WBUR Radio’s website: Dr. Sonneville was interviewed about a groundbreaking study by the STRIPED team showing for the first time how cost effective school-based screening for eating disorders could be if screening were done in schools across the country.

STRIPED in HSPH News: STRIPED is featured on the HSPH homepage in a story about the need to make eating disorders prevention a higher priority on the public health agenda.

STRIPED in the HSPH Summer Hot Topics Series: Check out Dr. Austin’s talk “Getting Eating Disorders Prevention on the Public Health Agenda” about STRIPED and our wide-ranging work at the school and beyond.

STRIPED in the Boston Globe: Dr. Calzo was featured in a Globe editorial about the need for schools to do more to address eating disorders among students, especially male students.

STRIPED debuts in the Huffington Post: Highlighting the links between obesity and eating disorders, this article lauds STRIPED for our innovative approach to tackling these thorny issues.

STRIPED in the SAVOR blog: Dr. Sonneville wrote about dieting among children as a guest blogger for the SAVOR: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life blog.

STRIPED in Dr. Austin was interviewed for an article addressing eating disorders, obesity, and the Massachusetts legislative briefing on eating disorders screening in high schools.

STRIPED in the Boston Globe: Dr. Austin along with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health economist Li Yan Wang, MBA, and STRIPED staff Lauren Nichols, BA, published a study of the potential cost savings of preventing eating disorders. Their article, “The Economic Effect of Planet Health on Preventing Bulimia Nervosa,” is the first to document how much individuals and society could save by stepping up prevention efforts, providing important new evidence for policymakers, advocates, and public health professionals for why eating disorders prevention is so critical. (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2011)

STRIPED in two podcasts with Dr. Austin and Dr. Kelly Brownell, Director of the Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, discussing strategies for preventing disordered weight control behaviors and the reasons why eating disorders prevention will be crucial to efforts to curb the increasing rates of obesity.

STRIPED in an interview with Dr. Austin discussing Planet Health, an obesity prevention program for middle schools, and its protective effect in reducing disordered weight control behaviors in girls.